Special Opportunities


This is a student opportunity to learn about the art of storytelling. A professional storyteller leads students through the process of discovering what makes a good story from beginning to end. Students learn how to tell a story as a personal experience, from a 3rd person perspective, or even from a puppet's mouth! They are coached on how to engage an audience and develop a stage presence. Both group and individual instruction is utilized to maximize the experience. This spring this workshop will be held on March 26. and the theme will be "Tall Tales" - a favorite category of stories for tellers of all ages! Be sure and catch the young tellers on Saturday of the Festival in a session all their own.  

Graduate College Credit- General Info

In cooperation with Friends University, the Kansas Storytelling Festival invites teachers and librarians - or anyone wanting to earn graduate credit - to enroll in the Spring Education Workshop. This is an opportunity to pick up one graduate credit hour while attending the Festival and enjoying all the fun of the weekend.

Further information about this wonderful opportunity to come! Stay tuned. 

Storytelling in Education- Workshops and Assemblies with storytellers

The Festival, along with the Smoky Hill Educational Service Center, sponsors storytelling in schools with professional storytellers in the week prior to the Festival. Sessions in schools across north central and western Kansas will have opportunities to improve students' and teachers' understanding of storytelling.
More information will become available as a schedule falls into place.

Volunteer at the Festival

The Kansas Storytelling Festival could not happen year after year without its wonderful volunteers who are the heart of this event. Every volunteer, from the set-up crews to the clubs who provide delicious desserts at the concerts, is an asset and deeply appreciated. Volunteers annually provide hospitality, organizational skills, and manual labor to make the Festival weekend a welcoming celebration of stories.
If you would like to volunteer at the Festival, contact the festival coordinator, Glennys Doane, at 785.545.5105 or kansasstorytelling@gmail.com Make sure to add us on Facebook!

Storytelling Opportunities

The Kansas Storytelling Festival offers many opportunities for advancement. Whether you are a teacher looking for college credit or a amateur storyteller looking to get into the Tall Tales contest, you can learn more through this section.

Tall Tale Contestants

In October a preliminary contest is always held to select four contestants to vie for the traveling trophy, the storytelling shovel, at the April Festival. The current contestants are Jim Lee, Tonya Merrill, Larry Temple, and Rich White. They are now busy concocting their finest ideas into hilarious or hair-raising tales. Come hear the polished result on Friday evening, April 22.

Exaggeration, hyperbole - or just plain outright lies!

Tall Tales are as American as baseball and mom's apple pie. Legends of Paul Bunyan and his like are only found in American traditions and here at the Kansas Storytelling Festival, we celebrate this American genre. Tall Tale preliminaries are held on the second Saturday of October (that's Oct 9 this year). Amateur storytellers come together with their best tall tale story prepared to try to outdo each other to get into the Kansas Storytelling Festival in April. Start with a little bit of truth and let the imagination soar from there! .
For more information, or to register to tell a story in the competition, call 785.545.5105 or email kansasstorytelling@gmail.com. The public is welcome to attend.

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